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How much will Bitcoin be Worth in 2020?

Ever since it came about, Bitcoin has done nothing but go from strength to strength, growing in usage, popularity and, more importantly, worth. Whereas before, Bitcoins were relatively cheap, you’ll now find yourself forking out a small fortune for just one Bitcoin- and this figure looks set to rise.


For the duration of 2016, one Bitcoin managed to have the value of around $600, give or take some fluctuation over the year. This was due mainly in part to natural inflation since there is only a limited amount of Bitcoin to go around! However, there are some other contributing factors, such as developments in blockchain technology adding more worth to the value of a Bitcoin. Now, experts are looking at these factors and predicting that for the duration of 2017, the value of Bitcoins will rise to around $1,000, if not double and reach as high as $1,200.


It is highly likely that the value of Bitcoin could double over the course of 2017 due to the global economy going through a bit of a rough time- of course, this is not something that affects cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and their value only goes through the roof when there is a disaster in the financial world. Furthermore, more companies are choosing to make use of Bitcoin as a currency and a form of payment, and this has also increased the worth of the Bitcoin.


That’s just for 2017! By 2020, things could be happening on a much bigger scale. If it continues to grow at the rate it currently is, doubling each year, then by 2020 Bitcoin could be worth around $4,000! This is a huge number to comprehend and would really be quite the achievement for the cryptocurrency- it would probably also lead to more retailers wanting to accept it as a form of payment, which would only boost its worth even more.


However, it could go the other way. Having been predicted to double to $1,200 in 2017, this could be the peak year for the cryptocurrency, and it could gradually go into decline following this. Because there is a limit of 21 million Bitcoins, access to them is getting harder, and they’re becoming increasingly harder to mine too, which could lead to a slow in the growth of value, if not a drop in value.


It’s hard to predict the future of current trends because things change so quickly, but it seems more likely than not that Bitcoin will be worth a whole lot of money in 2020- and this figure will probably sit at around $4,000. Only time will tell.


What are the pros and cons of using Bitcoin to pay online?

Bitcoin is fast becoming a very popular method of payment when online. The relatively new cryptocurrency still isn’t as widely accepted as ‘real money,’ but on the sites where it is allowed, it is one of the most popular methods. If you’re not already using Bitcoin wherever you can, have a read of this pros and cons list and see if you change your mind!

Bitcoin is an excellent method of payment because, first and foremost, it’s so quick. When you pay for something online using funds from your regular bank account, it can take a few minutes to process; there’s usually some kind of security screen check to go through and then the even though it says you’ve ‘paid’ the funds don’t leave your account for 3-5 working days. Similarly, when you make a refund, it can take up to 14 days to receive your money back. If you’re paying for something with Bitcoins, you can forget all about this wasted time! Any transaction you make from your Bitcoin wallet happens instantly- it takes a few seconds at most, and then the payment is made. Simple as that! It’s a lot speedier because the transaction doesn’t have to go through a bank, so a lot of time is saved and this is a massive advantage.

A downside to paying with Bitcoin is that not all things you purchase with Bitcoins can be refunded. Sometimes when you make a purchase, it comes with a warning that if payment is made with Bitcoins, it cannot be repaid. It’s always important to look out for this when you’re about to purchase something with Bitcoins.

Another pro to using Bitcoins is that there is more security for the paying individual when using Bitcoin than when using a card or Paypal. This is due to the fact that when you make a payment with Bitcoin, the transaction is recorded, but no personal details are, so you can be left anonymous. It’s a great way to pay on sites such as an online casino. This is also very beneficial if you’re paying for something as a surprise for someone else and don’t want them to find out!

In addition to the anonymity aspect, when paying with Bitcoins, you don’t need to put any sensitive information, such as your address or card details, into the website you’re making a purchase from, meaning your purchases are more secure than if you were paying by credit or debit card.

When you weigh up the pros and cons of using Bitcoin, one thing is clear; it’s really worth your while using Bitcoin where you can as opposed to your credit or debit card! You really don’t have much of a reason not to!

7 Awesome Sites That Let You Spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin isn’t accepted as a form of payment with every online retailer, but it is accepted in a lot of cool places; most of which you are probably completely unaware of! Here are seven awesome sites that let you spend Bitcoin.


Motown Mustache Wax

Because everyone needs to find the perfect wax for their facial hair, right? Motown Mustache Wax is a website for men who want to keep their facial hair on point and make sure they look dapper at all times. Selling a broad range of apparel as well as their famous Mustache Wax, the site lets people make their purchases with Bitcoin- meaning you can make payments instantly and receive your goods just as quickly.


Ultimate Ugly Christmas

If you haven’t heard of Ultimate Ugly Christmas, get to know Ultimate Ugly Christmas! This website specializes in selling the most atrocious, tacky, vulgar-looking Christmas jumpers you can imagine. They’re so bad it’s laughable, and better still, you can buy them with Bitcoins! (This makes you feel slightly better than you would if you were spending ‘real’ money on them, that’s for sure!).


Funky Thang

Funky Thang really does live up to its name regarding the products that it sells, because boy are they out of this world- and also super cool! The site sells three main items; the USB LED Flash Drive Watch, the iPhone Keychain Charger, and USB Flash Drive Characters. The USB LED Flash Drive Watch is the most popular item on the site, and with good reason too because it’s pretty nifty!


The Jerky Spot

Because you can never have enough jerky in your life, right? The Jerky Spot sells so many different types of jerky and jerky bundles; you wouldn’t believe that one food could be so exciting! There’s different flavors, various kinds, and even unique types of jerky that you can send as gifts to other people! All of this can be bought with Bitcoins, so go ahead, treat yourself.



Spokester is one of the most unique products there is in the world, honestly. The site sells a small device that you can clip onto the spokes of your bicycle, and in turn, they will make your bike sound like a motorbike. Small and silly but so cool, and also not too expensive either! They also come in a variety of vibrant colors so you can pick one to match your bike accordingly!


Fruit My Cube

Fruit My Cube has a kind of unusual sounding name, but the service is relatively straightforward; pick out the fruits you like, and they arrive fresh to your door or your place of work for you to enjoy! Oh, in a cube-shaped package of course. You can buy solo cubes or cubes perfect for sharing!


Cali Burrito

Cali Burrito is a pretty bizarre online store. For some reason, they sell t-shirts, and other pieces of merchandise like hats, that have a burrito on the front with ‘California Burrito’ emblazoned underneath. It’s funky and utterly ridiculous but also pretty awesome. Go and buy one with your Bitcoins.