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Did You Know That You Can Gamble with Bitcoin?

When you gamble online, or even in real life, you gamble with your money, your hard earned cash. Well, did you know that you can also gamble with Bitcoin, a form of cryptocurrency? There are many advantages to using Bitcoin for online gambling rather than ‘real’ money; it’s quicker, easier and allows a particular aspect of anonymity for players too, which is an appealing factor. So how do you go about gambling with Bitcoin?

To get started, you obviously need a reasonable amount of Bitcoins to gamble with, and also a secure Bitcoin wallet to keep them in. Then you can get gambling straight away; it isn’t too dissimilar to gambling with ordinary money- the only significant difference is with deposits and withdrawals.

Because Bitcoins don’t go through financial companies or banks, there is next to no fees for making withdrawals and deposits when bitcoin gambling. If there is a price to pay, then it is only a very small one- probably the lowest one you’d come across in the industry. Another advantage to using Bitcoin currency is that all transactions made using Bitcoins are encrypted, meaning that there’s no real trace of them. This allows a certain amount of anonymity, which is appreciated by a lot of players, and mostly it means that while you’re gambling for real money, you don’t have to use real money and no one ever has to know anything about you.

Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals happen a whole lot faster when players gamble with Bitcoin too. Again, thanks to the fact you don’t have to go through a bank to process the transaction, it all happens instantly rather than taking a set amount of working days. Once you’ve made yourself a member of a Bitcoin casino, just add the address of the site to your Bitcoin wallet and save it- transactions made in future with this site will happen instantly.

What Will You Be Able to Buy in Bitcoin by 2020?

Bitcoin is fast becoming a well recognized and widely accepted currency. What started as a currency used primarily for online gambling has now made its way into the more retail side of things, being made available for use in several online retailers and hospitality sites. With the continual growth in popularity and usage of the cryptocurrency, what might we be able to purchase by 2020 with our Bitcoins?

There will definitely be an increase in technology products that you can buy. Already the likes of Microsoft and Dell offer the chance to pay for online services in Bitcoin. While you can’t buy computers or laptops etc. with the cryptocurrency, you can purchase programs such as Microsoft Office and Dell security packages. There will almost definitely be a development in this by 2020, and it seems inevitable that you’ll be able to purchase physical items from Microsoft, like laptops, as well as phones.

Ever a big competitor of Microsoft, Apple and it’s IOS technology are bound to come through and update their programs to be purchased with Bitcoin as well. It’s likely that when making a purchase on Apple’s app store, you’ll be able to do so with Bitcoins, and in the long term be able to buy iPhones and Apple Mac’s, etc., with Bitcoins as well.

There are some indie clothing retailers online that allow people to pay with Bitcoin- so indie you’ve probably never heard of them. However, it might not be long before purely online clothing stores, such as ASOS and will allow for Bitcoin payments- definitely by 2020 at least! These online clothing stores function exclusively online and have no physical store, and one of the biggest complaints from customers is how long refunds take to process. Imagine how much quicker it would be if you were able to make payments and refunds with Bitcoin?

Some smaller travel sites, such as offer the opportunity to pay for hotels and flights with Bitcoin, and while it may take slightly longer for major airlines such as Virgin and British Airways to catch on, you can bet by 2020 some of the smaller airlines, such as EasyJet and Ryan Air will probably have upgraded their site to make it easier for customers to pay by allowing Bitcoin payments.

As the internet expands, and more and more online businesses crop up, it’s safe to say that by 2020 we can expect a lot more companies to be accepting payments made with Bitcoins. As to who is next, well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Benefits Gained Through Digital Coins

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